Sunflowers …
The Harvest Moon
Grande Prémio Anicolor 2019 in Carris
Mosaic Tiles in Oiã
Mosaic Tiles in Carris
Mosaic Tiles in Águas Boas
A little experiment with Photobucket
‘Old School’ advertising in Portugal
A little piece of history was lost this weekend
Secret Surf Special Edition
Clouds, an occasional series (2)
39th Grande Prémio Abimota 17 Junho 2018
Grupo Republika at Águas Boas
The moon and Jupiter
Clouds, an occasional series (1)
Into battle with the paintball warriors
It’s springtime …
Record Store Day 2017
Ciclismo Região de Aveiro 2017
2016-11-06 Freestyle surfers
Volta á Oiã 2016
Volta á Bairrada – Julho 2016
Third Stage, Volta à Bairrada 2016
2016-02-21 Freestyle surfers (Praia da Barra)
2015-12-10 Freestyle surfers
2015-07-19 Freestyle surfers (Praia de Labrego)
Desfile de Camiões, 2015
Blues on the beach
Nice day for a walk
2016-05-16 Freestyle surfers
2015-05-10 Motoclube Oiacelera
Street Art in Aveiro
2015-03-15 Freestyle surfers
Desfile de Carros, 2015
2015-01-02 Freestyle surfers
Christmas Eve at the Praia da Barra
Freestyle surfers at the Praia da Barra
2014-12-21 Freestyle surfers
2014-12-03 Freestyle surfers
Vagos Open Air 2014 – Day Three
Vagos Open Air 2014 – Day Two
Vagos Open Air 2014 – Day One
The Volta á Portugal, 2014
Desfile de Caminhões 2014
Volta á Portugal do Futuro 2014
Interlude: A visitor to the garden
A quick video tour around the district of Oiã
A busy couple of weeks…
2014-06-30 Circuito Paradi 2nd Stage (Surf)
2014-06-30 Circuito Paradi 2nd Stage (Longboard)
2014-06-30 Circuito Paradi 2nd Stage (Bodyboard)
My first exhibition in Portugal
2014-06-29 Freestyle surfers
2014-06-08 Freestyle surfers
2014-04-27 Circuito Paradi 1st Stage (Surf)
2014-04-27 Circuito Paradi 1st Stage (Bodyboard)
2014-04-27 Freestyle surfers
2014-04-21 Freestyle surfers
2014-04-12 Freestyle surfers
2014-04-11 Freestyle surfers
2014-03-13 Freestyle surfers
2014-03-09 Freestyle surfers
2014-01-24 Freestyle surfers
Tough times at the Praia da Barra
2013-12-23 Surfing Santas
2013-12-08 Freestyle surfers
2013-12-07 Freestyle surfers
2013-11-30 Freestyle surfers
2013-11-24 Freestyle surfers
2013-11-23 Freestyle surfers
2013-11-20 Freestyle surfers (Labrego)
2013-11-09 Freestyle surfers
On the Streets of Portugal
Interlude: Not for the faint hearted
Feira Medieval in Troviscal
Surfing Photography at Praia da Barra
Surfing Photography at Praia do Areão
Miss Sumol Cup 2013 – National Surfing Championship
Miss Sumol Cup 2013 – Women’s Bodyboard Championship
Volta a Portugal – 5th Stage, Carris and Oiã
Vagos Open Air 2013 – Interlude
Vagos Open Air 2013 – Iced Earth
Vagos Open Air 2013 – Rotting Christ
Vagos Open Air 2013 – Gamma Ray
Vagos Open Air 2013 – Tarantula
Vagos Open Air 2013 – Web
Vagos Open Air 2013
Vagos Open Air 2013 – Secret Lie
Vagos Open Air 2013 – Bizarra Locomotiva
Vagos Open Air 2013 – Moonsorrow
Vagos Open Air 2013 – Evergrey
Função Publika came to Oiã
Kartódromo Mugs 2013
Grupo Ondas in Malhapão
Grupo Ondas in Oiã
Quim Barreiros in Silveiro
Monica Sintra, Ana and Lucia in Silveiro
We were in Águas Boas…
The circle of life…
At Kartódromo de Oiã
Bandalidades at Casa do Parque
We were by the railway the other day…
Last weekend, the tall ships came to Ílhavo
Just messing around, and captured this…
Not sure whether to file this under ‘street art’ or ‘travel’ …
Banda Europa at Festa de Águas Boas
I have never seen a Swallowtail butterfly…
Amor Electro at Espaço Inovação, Troviscal
Street art in Carris…
You can never have enough trains…
The Moon, 29 Junho 2012
Life in the fast lane
Resistance is Futile
Aveiro: It’s not all doom and gloom…
Street Art, Aveiro
Classic Volkswagen
Is Vhils in Aveiro?
Roconorte in Carris
Urban Grafitti
Train Graffiti – Estação de Oiã
Live Music at Casa do Parque
The Forum, Aveiro
The Forum, Aveiro
What I like about Aveiro…
Another view of the Port at Aveiro, Portugal
Aveiro Docks
Crescent Moon
Tucked away…
Butterfly, Carris
Water Tower, Oiã
Vespa, Aveiro
Allotments, Carris Portugal
Aguas Boas, Portugal
Health and Safety
A Light Snack
Roses are Red
Unfinished Houses
Central Oiã
Festivals In Portugal
Derelict Car, Oiã
Miniature Aveiro
Tourism Classic From Aveiro
On the Tracks
Cavaco Silva opens the new town hall in Oiã
Feira Medieval in Oliveira do Bairro