You can’t quarantine stupid

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This may sound unlikely, but it actually happened. Some of these people might be my friends on Facebook, and if they recognise themselves and don’t like it, hard luck. I’ve not named anyone, and some details might be sketchy, but … Continued

The Moon Under Isolation

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While we were under isolation, it was nice from time to time to look up to the stars. Never changing, apart from its phases, the moon will orbit the earch post-Coronavirus much as it did before the pandemic arrived. These … Continued

Sunflowers …

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I was out on my afternoon walk the other day and spotted a row of sunflowers along the side of the road. By now, most sunflowers have lost their blooms, and all we’re left with are a few giant rotting … Continued

The Harvest Moon

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These past few nights the sky after sunset has been fabulous. We spotted a thin harvest moon a few days ago, but it was a little low and I wasn’t able to grab a shot (OK, I was too lazy … Continued


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There’s a big life change coming up soon, so I’ve been consolidating and tidying up my presence on the Internet. I have social media accounts all over the place. Some that I don’t use very much (that’s you, DeviantArt), some … Continued

Grande Prémio Anicolor 2019 in Carris

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The Portuguese cyclist Francisco Campos (W52-FC Porto, front left) won the Grande Prémio Anicolor at the end of a 168.2 kilometre stage between Oliveira do Bairro and Águeda. The race started in Oliveira do Bairro and was the first race … Continued

A little experiment with Photobucket

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I had a junk email from Photobucket this morning, offering 25Gb storage space for a couple of dollars a month. I’ve had an account for a long time and it used to be useful to share images with but I … Continued