A Light Snack

Last night was cards night. During the evening we stopped for a snack; chouriço cooked over alcohol with bread. Simply delicious.

Roses are Red

The rose bush is approaching its ‘out of control’ phase. Soon it’ll need a trim, but in the meantime, this was too good to miss.

Unfinished Houses

From the last post, an example of a half-built house and one that is nearly finished. Both houses were unfinished for 3-4 years, and then there was a flurry of work earlier this year. Seems to have stopped now though.

Central Oiã

Like many Portuguese towns and villages, Oiã is a contradiction. There are old and new houses, blocks of flats alongside bungalows, and everywhere abandoned and derelict buildings. Some have been derelict for years, others have been left unfinished.

Derelict Car, Oiã

Partial as I am to old cars, I could not resist taking a photo of this old beetle.

Miniature Aveiro

Partial, as I am, to a little tilt:shift fakery, I could not resist this view from the Forum in Aveiro.

Tourism Classic From Aveiro

This is the classic view of Aveiro, taking in the canals and the boats, the famous brick factory – now the Council offices, and the striking Melia Ria Hotel (which I will always insist is a Borg cube).

On the Tracks

It is not uncommon to see people walking along the railway lines in Portugal, or nipping across the tracks from one platform to another. That happens quite a lot in Oiã, where there is a two track line, one up and one down. But this was the first time I had spotted someone crossing the lines at Aveiro. A couple of minutes after this picture was taken, the high-speed train from Braga came through the station. Of course the most unfortunate thing I saw (or the funniest, depending on your point of view) is when a woman opened the door on the wrong side of the train and fell onto the track.

Feira Medieval in Oliveira do Bairro

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