Unfinished Houses

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From the last post, an example of a half-built house and one that is nearly finished. Both houses were unfinished for 3-4 years, and then there was a flurry of work earlier this year. Seems to have stopped now though.

Central Oiã

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Like many Portuguese towns and villages, Oiã is a contradiction. There are old and new houses, blocks of flats alongside bungalows, and everywhere abandoned and derelict buildings. Some have been derelict for years, others have been left unfinished.

Festivals In Portugal

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The festival season is kicking off again at the moment, this was Banda Europa in Oiã last year. All being well we will be seeing more bands this year.

Derelict Car, Oiã

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Partial as I am to old cars, I could not resist taking a photo of this old beetle. UPDATE September 2019: It’s still there.