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39th Grande Prémio Abimota 17 Junho 2018

One of the oldest events in the Portuguese national racing calendar, the 39th ABIMOTA/Altice Grand Prix cycle race set off from Lisbon on 13 June. Over five days, the Grand Prix took cyclists all over Portugal. After leaving Lisbon, the 14 June saw the professional and ...

Ciclismo Região de Aveiro 2017

A Prova de Abertura Região de Aveiro passing through Carris, Oiá this

Caramulo Motorfest 2016

The Caramulo Motorfestival is devoted to classic and sports cars and motorcycles. It combines competition events with recreational activities, such as the Historic Caramulo Hillclimb, the Caramulo Historical Rally and Drive, classic cars and motorcycles and much ...

Volta á Bairrada – Julho 2016

I think this was the Volta à Bairrada passing through Carris

Third Stage, Volta à Bairrada 2016

The third stage of the Volta à Bairrada passed through Carris and Oiã yesterday afternoon, which was a pleasant ...

Feira Medieval at Santa Maria de Feira

Medieval festivals are very popular in Portugal, and whenever I can I make a good try at going to them. This year we managed to go to one of the larger medieval festivals, at Santa Maria de Feira in Portugal. This is such a large festival that it takes over a considerable ...