365 Photo Project, #UmaDiaUmaFoto

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365 Photo Project, #UmaDiaUmaFoto During 2012 I decided that I would do a one-year photo project, one photo each day (hence the hashtag #UmaDiaUmaFoto). I created a Facebook page for this, though did not promote it at all, it was … Continued

Twenty-five years of Oiã

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Twenty-five years of Oiã A few years ago, I was commissioned by the Junta de Fregusia de Oiã to document the region for its twenty-fifth anniversary of being awarded town status. As a part of the commission I travelled around … Continued

The Wilderness Project

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The Wilderness Project There’s a lot of countryside in Portugal that defies the traditional sense of beauty, as defined by the normal idea of landscape photography. This is not a record of beautiful sunsets or tremendous landscapes, rather it is … Continued

Portuguese Mosaic Tiling

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Portuguese Mosaic Tiling Tiles (called azulejos) are everywhere in Portugal. They decorate everything from the walls of churches and monasteries, to palaces, houses, fountains, shops, and train stations. They often portray scenes from the history of the country, show its … Continued

Street Art in Aveiro

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Took time out to go to Aveiro and record some street art… It was supposed to be for a couple of hours and ended up being a full day. Fun, though…