Secret Surf Special Edition

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On Sunday we had an opportunity to go to the Secret Surf Special Edition, powered by Surfline, a local championship in Vagueira that recruited some exceptionally talented surfers. It was a bit (ok, a lot) foggy to start with, but … Continued

39th Grande Prémio Abimota 17 Junho 2018

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One of the oldest events in the Portuguese national racing calendar, the 39th ABIMOTA/Altice Grand Prix cycle race set off from Lisbon on 13 June. Over five days, the Grand Prix took cyclists all over Portugal. After leaving Lisbon, the … Continued

The moon and Jupiter

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OK, I admit, I can’t say this is technically a good photograph, but it was awesome to see how close the moon and Jupiter were last night. On a ‘zoomed’ frame you could actually see three of Jupiter’s largest moons, … Continued

Into battle with the paintball warriors

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We had a great time this last weekend, joining paintballers in ‘battle’. The weekend was organised by the former workplace of our cousin and everyone had a great time. The ‘battlefield’ was a three-storey derelict discotheque, the Lua Pub and … Continued

It’s springtime …

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…. and the flowers are starting to bloom. In the fields behind the house bees and other insects can be found foraging in the spring warmth.

Record Store Day 2017

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Today, 22 April 2017, is the tenth annual Record Store Day, a day intended ‘to come together and celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities.’ It started … Continued