Vagos Open Air 2013 – Tarantula

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Keeping up the arachnid theme, Web were followed by the veteran Portuguese Heavy Metal band, Tarantula. One of the first heavy metal bands in Portugal, Tarantula, fronted by Jorge Marques, provided a powerhouse performance. Setlist: Spiral of Fear, Afterlife, Dark Age, The Nature of Sin, You … Continued

Vagos Open Air 2013 – Web

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Day two of Vagos Open Air kicked off in style with the Portuguese Thrash Metal band Web. Setlist: Life Aggression, Mortal Soul, Awake, (In)Sanity, Beautiful Obsession, If Only There Was Light

Vagos Open Air 2013 – Secret Lie

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This weekend (09-10 August), Vagos hosted the annual Metal Festival, Vagos Open Air. With a strong line up, as ever, the festival opened with the Portuguese band Secret Lie and their special guest, Tó Pica of the Portuguese heavy metal … Continued

Vagos Open Air 2013 – Bizarra Locomotiva

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The second band of the first day at Vagos Open Air were Bizarra Locomotiva, an industrial metal band from Portugal. Fronted by vocalist Rui Sidónio, and accompanied by Miguel Fonseca on guitar, Alpha on keyboards and Rui Berton on drums, … Continued

Vagos Open Air 2013 – Moonsorrow

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After Bizarra Locomotiva at Vagos Open Air came Moonsorrow, a pagan metal band from Finland. According to Wikipedia, the band ‘incorporates elements of black metal and folk metal in their sound’, and call their music “epic heathen metal”. They certainly … Continued

Vagos Open Air 2013 – Evergrey

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Keeping up the Scandanavian influence, Moonsorrow were followed by the Swedish progressive metal band, Evergrey. With an epic 14 song setlist, Evergrey haunted the audiencee. Sadly, I had to leave before the end of Evergrey’s performance, so missed the last … Continued

Função Publika came to Oiã

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Starting in late April or early May the village festivals take place across Portugal. Associated with local saints, the festivals are an opportunity to eat, drink, and generally be merry. Nowadays, the evenings are given over to bands who tour … Continued

Samuel Úria at Teatro Aveiriense

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“It’s not one, it’s two,” an original idea by ​​Fernando Alvim, represents no small thing – two concerts in one night with a difference: one of the performances will always be a risk; new blood, something fresh and vibrant that … Continued

Grupo Ondas in Malhapão

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It was a cold Tuesday afternoon and we weren’t able to stay for the whole concert, but thanks to Grupo Ondas for an excellent time. Here’s a sample from the concert:

Quim Barreiros in Silveiro

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Quim Barreiros is a legend in Portugal. You probably know him for Recebi Um Convite (À Casa Da Jóquina), which features as Buzzfeed’s one of the worst record album covers of all time, but he probably started off the whole … Continued